/home/travis/build/open62541/open62541/src/server/ua_services.h File Reference
#include "ua_types.h"
#include "ua_types_generated.h"
#include "ua_server.h"
#include "ua_session.h"
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Discovery Service Set

This Service Set defines Services used to discover the Endpoints implemented by a Server and to read the security configuration for those Endpoints.

void Service_FindServers (UA_Server *server, const UA_FindServersRequest *request, UA_FindServersResponse *response)
void Service_GetEndpoints (UA_Server *server, const UA_GetEndpointsRequest *request, UA_GetEndpointsResponse *response)
SecureChannel Service Set

This Service Set defines Services used to open a communication channel that ensures the confidentiality and Integrity of all Messages exchanged with the Server.

void Service_OpenSecureChannel (UA_Server *server, UA_Connection *connection, const UA_OpenSecureChannelRequest *request, UA_OpenSecureChannelResponse *response)
void Service_CloseSecureChannel (UA_Server *server, UA_Int32 channelId)
Session Service Set

This Service Set defines Services for an application layer connection establishment in the context of a Session.

void Service_CreateSession (UA_Server *server, UA_SecureChannel *channel, const UA_CreateSessionRequest *request, UA_CreateSessionResponse *response)
void Service_ActivateSession (UA_Server *server, UA_SecureChannel *channel, const UA_ActivateSessionRequest *request, UA_ActivateSessionResponse *response)
void Service_CloseSession (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_CloseSessionRequest *request, UA_CloseSessionResponse *response)
NodeManagement Service Set

This Service Set defines Services to add and delete AddressSpace Nodes and References between them. All added Nodes continue to exist in the AddressSpace even if the Client that created them disconnects from the Server.

void Service_AddNodes (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_AddNodesRequest *request, UA_AddNodesResponse *response)
void Service_AddReferences (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_AddReferencesRequest *request, UA_AddReferencesResponse *response)
void Service_DeleteNodes (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_DeleteNodesRequest *request, UA_DeleteNodesResponse *response)
void Service_DeleteReferences (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_DeleteReferencesRequest *request, UA_DeleteReferencesResponse *response)
View Service Set

Clients use the browse Services of the View Service Set to navigate through the AddressSpace or through a View which is a subset of the AddressSpace.

void Service_Browse (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_BrowseRequest *request, UA_BrowseResponse *response)
void Service_BrowseNext (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_BrowseNextRequest *request, UA_BrowseNextResponse *response)
void Service_TranslateBrowsePathsToNodeIds (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_TranslateBrowsePathsToNodeIdsRequest *request, UA_TranslateBrowsePathsToNodeIdsResponse *response)
void Service_RegisterNodes (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_RegisterNodesRequest *request, UA_RegisterNodesResponse *response)
void Service_UnregisterNodes (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_UnregisterNodesRequest *request, UA_UnregisterNodesResponse *response)
Attribute Service Set

This Service Set provides Services to access Attributes that are part of Nodes.

void Service_Read (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_ReadRequest *request, UA_ReadResponse *response)
void Service_Write (UA_Server *server, UA_Session *session, const UA_WriteRequest *request, UA_WriteResponse *response)