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#include "ua_types.h"
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size_t UA_Boolean_calcSizeBinary (UA_Boolean const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_Boolean_encodeBinary (UA_Boolean const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Boolean_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_Boolean *dst)
size_t UA_SByte_calcSizeBinary (UA_SByte const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_SByte_encodeBinary (UA_SByte const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_SByte_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_SByte *dst)
size_t UA_Byte_calcSizeBinary (UA_Byte const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_Byte_encodeBinary (UA_Byte const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Byte_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_Byte *dst)
size_t UA_Int16_calcSizeBinary (UA_Int16 const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_Int16_encodeBinary (UA_Int16 const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Int16_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_Int16 *dst)
size_t UA_UInt16_calcSizeBinary (UA_UInt16 const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_UInt16_encodeBinary (UA_UInt16 const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_UInt16_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_UInt16 *dst)
size_t UA_Int32_calcSizeBinary (UA_Int32 const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_Int32_encodeBinary (UA_Int32 const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Int32_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_Int32 *dst)
size_t UA_UInt32_calcSizeBinary (UA_UInt32 const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_UInt32_encodeBinary (UA_UInt32 const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_UInt32_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_UInt32 *dst)
size_t UA_Int64_calcSizeBinary (UA_Int64 const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_Int64_encodeBinary (UA_Int64 const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Int64_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_Int64 *dst)
size_t UA_UInt64_calcSizeBinary (UA_UInt64 const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_UInt64_encodeBinary (UA_UInt64 const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_UInt64_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_UInt64 *dst)
size_t UA_Float_calcSizeBinary (UA_Float const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_Float_encodeBinary (UA_Float const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Float_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_Float *dst)
size_t UA_Double_calcSizeBinary (UA_Double const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_Double_encodeBinary (UA_Double const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Double_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_Double *dst)
size_t UA_String_calcSizeBinary (UA_String const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_String_encodeBinary (UA_String const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_String_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_String *dst)
size_t UA_DateTime_calcSizeBinary (UA_DateTime const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_DateTime_encodeBinary (UA_DateTime const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_DateTime_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_DateTime *dst)
size_t UA_Guid_calcSizeBinary (UA_Guid const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_Guid_encodeBinary (UA_Guid const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Guid_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_Guid *dst)
size_t UA_ByteString_calcSizeBinary (UA_ByteString const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_ByteString_encodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_ByteString_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_ByteString *dst)
size_t UA_XmlElement_calcSizeBinary (UA_XmlElement const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_XmlElement_encodeBinary (UA_XmlElement const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_XmlElement_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_XmlElement *dst)
size_t UA_NodeId_calcSizeBinary (UA_NodeId const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_NodeId_encodeBinary (UA_NodeId const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_NodeId_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_NodeId *dst)
size_t UA_ExpandedNodeId_calcSizeBinary (UA_ExpandedNodeId const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_ExpandedNodeId_encodeBinary (UA_ExpandedNodeId const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_ExpandedNodeId_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_ExpandedNodeId *dst)
size_t UA_StatusCode_calcSizeBinary (UA_StatusCode const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_StatusCode_encodeBinary (UA_StatusCode const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_StatusCode_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_StatusCode *dst)
size_t UA_QualifiedName_calcSizeBinary (UA_QualifiedName const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_QualifiedName_encodeBinary (UA_QualifiedName const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_QualifiedName_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_QualifiedName *dst)
size_t UA_LocalizedText_calcSizeBinary (UA_LocalizedText const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_LocalizedText_encodeBinary (UA_LocalizedText const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_LocalizedText_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_LocalizedText *dst)
size_t UA_ExtensionObject_calcSizeBinary (UA_ExtensionObject const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_ExtensionObject_encodeBinary (UA_ExtensionObject const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_ExtensionObject_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_ExtensionObject *dst)
size_t UA_DataValue_calcSizeBinary (UA_DataValue const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_DataValue_encodeBinary (UA_DataValue const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_DataValue_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_DataValue *dst)
size_t UA_Variant_calcSizeBinary (UA_Variant const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_Variant_encodeBinary (UA_Variant const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Variant_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_Variant *dst)
size_t UA_DiagnosticInfo_calcSizeBinary (UA_DiagnosticInfo const *p)
UA_StatusCode UA_DiagnosticInfo_encodeBinary (UA_DiagnosticInfo const *src, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_DiagnosticInfo_decodeBinary (UA_ByteString const *src, size_t *offset, UA_DiagnosticInfo *dst)
size_t UA_calcSizeBinary (const void *p, const UA_DataType *dataType)
UA_StatusCode UA_encodeBinary (const void *src, const UA_DataType *dataType, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_decodeBinary (const UA_ByteString *src, size_t *offset, void *dst, const UA_DataType *dataType)
size_t UA_Array_calcSizeBinary (const void *p, UA_Int32 noElements, const UA_DataType *dataType)
UA_StatusCode UA_Array_encodeBinary (const void *src, UA_Int32 noElements, const UA_DataType *dataType, UA_ByteString *dst, size_t *offset)
UA_StatusCode UA_Array_decodeBinary (const UA_ByteString *src, size_t *offset, UA_Int32 noElements, void **dst, const UA_DataType *dataType)